Tub Trouble

***Winner of Best Picture at the 11th Annual 2021 Unco Film Festival in Tokyo Japan***

We were looking for a fun project to do during the pandemic, when we found the “11th Annual Unco Film Festival” held in from Tokyo, Japan. The rules were simple and any genre was fine as long as it contained the theme “poop” and was less than 10 minutes long. When we read that manga artist Shintaro Kago was hosting a festival, we were immediately absorbed in it and started writing the script. It is based on the true story of a cat that had some strange ways of getting attention.

The film won “Best Picture” by a unanimous vote from all the judges at the 11th Annual Unco Film Festival and

The original film was made for the Japanese film festival, but since it contains no spoken dialog (only text), we were able to quickly create an english version. We hope you enjoy it

Directed by Michael L. Lafuente